Visual Studio CTPs

I'm working with a few other program managers in Visual Studio to figure out how Customer Tech Previews (CTPs) will work for the next version of Visual Studio (code name Orcas).

During the VS 2005 cycle, some customers really loved CTPs and other thought they were horrible and needed a higher quality bar.  The original intent of a CTP was to just pick a decent build and ship it.  Customers would then install it on a machine they would format later and just try it out.

As we should have known, people don't like formatting their machines and our disclaimers of the CTP not being as good as a Beta were ignored.

We're trying to eliminate some of those pains for Orcas.  If you have a specific pain point you want to let me know about, please add a comment.  Additionally, if there are other things about a CTP that you want us to do, let me know.  Some suggestions were to release more products (such as Pro and VSTS at the same time), better upgrade from CTP to CTP, etc.