VSX Dev Con - Day 1

I'm blogging live from the VSX Dev Con.  Right now, our VS Chief Architect Rico Mariani is giving the keynote to kick off the day.

As I arrived to the registration desk, I realized that even as a speaker, I should have registered for the confernece.  Since I didn't register, I didn't have a name tag pre-printed so if you're looking for me, I'm the one with a blue hand written name tag (most folks have white).  Guess that teaches me to not assume I'm automatically registered :)

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day and seeing some of my peers present.  Jean-Marc is in town to present three sessions today so I'll definately be checking out his Intro to DSL talk after lunch.  Doug Hodges (the original VS architect) will also be giving his VSX Architecture talk this afternoon which is always an excellent intro into this space, along with a lot of samples, history, and detailed architectural discussions.

Hopefully we'll be able to post most of these sessions on https://msdn.com/vsx for those who couldn't make it to the conference.