Promotions Update

There are several different promotions going around in my area right now, and I want to make sure that everyone knows about them. First off, let’s start with the Microsoft sponsored stuff.


1. Windows 8 app Challenge

Build, publish, and promote your app for the chance to win up $100 an app before April 14th.  You get a $50 gift card JUST FOR PUBLISHING YOUR APP TO WINDOWS 8.  Then, if your app gets 100+ downloads, you get ANOTHER $50 GIFT CARD!  Simple enough right?  Here it the link to the promotion

2. BAM- Best App A Month Challenge

Another Windows 8 app challenge, and you get to double up with the Windows 8 app Challenge.  To reward developers for their hard work, I will be giving away one DELL VENUE 8 PRO  month for the next four months, starting in March.  In addition, each app that you submit is a separate entry and gives you more chance to win!

So the requirements are that you must attend an app session (follow our meetup page), live in the South Florida Area, and get your app approved in the Windows 8 store. 

You will be judged on 4 things;

1. use of modern design

2. performing as described

3. originality

4. and use of azure of cloud storage.

So, when you get some apps in the store, submit your entries here,

Now, let’s move on to the Nokia Side!

1. Windows Phone App Promotion Southeast

Bill Reiss, our amazing Nokia ambassador, is currently having a promotion in which he will give away a LENOVO MIIX 2 (WINDOWS 8.1), A ONE YEAR XBOX MUSIC PASS WITH A NOKIA 520, A NOKIA 520, AND A NOKIA 900.  This means he will have a drawing for four different prizes!  The great thing is that you can get more entries into the drawing for each Windows Phone app that you submit!!  This ends on March 31st, so you have a whole month!

How to enter: email the following by April 1:

  • Subject line: Southeast Windows Phone App Contest
  • A link to your app in the Windows Phone Store
  • Your name
  • Your City, State of residence

2. Bill would also like to share the chance to win cold hard cash for developing Windows 8 AND Windows Phone apps! There will be a sweepstakes drawing for $1,000, $500, and $250.  It's pretty simple but you can read the full details here!

Alright, so if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.  I mean we are literally just giving away devices and money!  As always, if anyone has any questions about how to develop, publish, etc. please let me know so I can help you win some prizes!!