Quick Links of the week 7/8/2014

Something Big for Windows Phones

Apparently, something big is coming for Windows Phone that will upset the Mobile Phone market.  There haven’t been any official announcements, so what could it be?  What are your thoughts?


Windows 8 Tablets in Schools

Windows 8 tablets are being adopted in school across the nation.  I found these three articles on the same day, and it is fantastic news.  After the 1:1 initiative in MIAMI-DADE and now the falling out with California schools and Ipads, it seems like Windows 8 devices are coming up!





Side by Side Coming to Windows Phone

Could side by side apps be coming to Windows Phone like there is on Windows 8?  This feature on Windows 8 is one of its biggest differentiating factors, so this coming for Windows Phone would give another leg up.


Microsoft Number 2 in Future Brand Index

Microsoft was rating number 2 in Future Brand Index.  This is very exciting news for us!


IconMaker for Windows 8

IconMaker for Windows 8 allows you to import one image, and have the program generate the necessary images for submitting Windows and Windows Phone apps.  Creating icons can be one of the most tedious aspects of submitting an app, and this Windows 8 app, takes care of this for you!


Microsoft Surface Mini Back in Production

Just last week, it was rumored that the Surface Mini would not be released to the public.  Now there are more rumors that it is back on track on set to be releasing this summer.  I have also heard that it is back on track but wont be released until 2015 so who knows.


Free Galileo Board from Windows on Devices

Windows on Devices are giving away free Galileo Boards.  it’s simple to sign up.  I signed up myself and cant wait to get my hands on one!



Windows Phone for $45 Off Contract

Want a Windows Phone to test with, an extra mp3 player,etc?  You can now get a Lumia 520 for $45 off contract on Amazon.  This is an incredible deal for the most popular Windows Phone in the world!