Developing applications for Windows Phone 7 – Intro

If you are a student with developer aspirations, passion for the newest technology, who enjoys taking new challenges and wants to engage with innovative technology “first hand” – whilst furthering his/her skillset and making money from it at the same time – then you’ve come to the right place!

This series of posts has been specially designed for people like you; it offers a unique opportunity to take part in an adventure that will introduce you to the fascinating world of Windows Phone 7, and let you see for yourself that developing applications for this platform is both challenging and fun!

Throughout the course of this blog you will be introduced to the key aspects of technology behind Windows Phone 7 Series, equipped with the state-of-the-art developer tools, and guided step by step on the journey to quickly get started with developing fab apps.

Take a moment to check what’s coming (to be updated as we progress...):

• Installing the tools.
• Hello World in Silverlight.
• Hello World in XNA.
• Creating a Web Browser in Silverlight.
• A Simple Calculator in Silverlight (I).

Our promise: this journey will be engaging, stimulating, challenging and fun at the same time – what’s even better, when you’re finished you can apply the newly acquired knowledge to make some real money from selling your apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace! Smile Want to know more? Keep on reading…

So what does it take? A combination of passion, creativeness, questioning mind, and imagination on top of that would be helpful… Ready? Fasten your seatbelt – here we go! Smile