Programming Windows Phone 7 by Charles Petzold [Free Thousand-Page E-book Now Available!]

If you recall a recent article entitled “Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Resources” that listed all the resources publicly available on the subject to date – you should know that it’s gained quite a high popularity across the posts on this blog.

This clearly indicates how high demand is out there for the latest info about Windows Phone 7 application development – and that developers of all levels and backgrounds can’t wait to get their hands on developing for this great new platform! Smile

Developers! Developers! Developers! Watch out for a brand new series of blog articles about developing applications for Windows Phone 7 (along with screencasts) to appear on this site very soon! We’re really excited to help you get started and guide step by step through building your own apps for this platform in no time! Smile

In the meantime – we’ve been waiting for the final version of this fantastic book by Charles Petzold for quite some time now, and here it is! It comes as a free, thousand-page e-book that you can use to explore the world of programming for WP7 – check it out! Smile


You can download the book in PDF: Programming Windows Phone 7 (Book)
In addition to the sample code in ZIP: Programming Windows Phone 7 (Sample Code)

For the impatient – here is the Table of Contents at a glance:

  • Part I The Basics
    • 1 Hello, Windows Phone 7
    • 2 Getting Oriented
    • 3 An Introduction to Touch
    • 4 Bitmaps, Also Known as Textures
    • 5 Sensors and Services
    • 6 Issues in Application Architecture
  • Part II Silverlight
    • 7 XAML Power and Limitations
    • 8 Elements and Properties
    • 9 The Intricacies of Layout
    • 10 The App Bar and Controls
    • 11 Dependency Properties
    • 12 Data Bindings
    • 13 Vector Graphics
    • 14 Raster Graphics
    • 15 Animations
    • 16 The Two Templates
    • 17 Items Controls
    • 18 Pivot and Panorama
  • Part III XNA
    • 19 Principles of Movement
    • 20 Textures and Sprites
    • 21 Dynamic Textures
    • 22 From Gestures to Transforms
    • 23 Touch and Play
    • 24 Tilt and Play

Enjoy! Smile