TSANet Alliance (Is the problem OEM-specific?)

What if I have a problem on one device model only? I.e. the same code works like a charm on every Windows Mobile-based device but one... can Microsoft help me engaging the OEM who customized the platform (as they only know what they put in it)? Well... not really, because you should contact that OEM's Technical Support in order to troubleshoot the issue... However at the moment there's a well predictable "procedure" to do this, only for Premier Customers: this is the highest level of Support contract you can have with Microsoft, and TSANet is one of the added values Premier contracts gain. I personally tend to help developers independently on the contract level, however from my experience I can say that only TSANet gives us the assurance that the 3rd party will give us the attention we need.

TSANet Alliance is described here, and here it is the list of the current members: I do hope other companies will consider add their Technical Supports to it.