Windows Mobile 6 SDK TEST-ONLY Certificates: new CAB and XML Provisioning

SDK Test Certificates expired last December 31 and the Product Group provided a new set of Test Certificates (and accordingly to mainly this MSDN Forum thread many ISVs had found alternatives in the meantime). The aim of this post if to provide an addendum to that notification, specifically related to the following sentence: “[…] If you’re a tester, you can follow these instructions to create a provisioning file for a device, so that you don’t need Visual Studio to push certificates onto test platforms. ”. In other words, the certificates you can download from here don’t contain a Certs.XML and a Certs.CAB files, contrarily to a standard installation of Windows Mobile 6 SDKs. I have simply created them by using the known technique and made them available through this post (click here to download the zip), hoping they may help “testers” saving time in case “developers” use the new certs. Note that they can also cohexist with expired certificates on a test device\emulator.