Language engineering summer school in July in Portugal

Language engineering summer school in July in Portugal


If you are a software transformation and generation addict, or want to become one, or want to talk to such folks, or challenge them, then GTTSE 2007 (the 2nd summer school on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering) should be to your liking. The (Haskell-powered) registration site is open now. We are prepared for 100 participants. Applications from PhD students are welcome. Expect a soft selection procedure. GTTSE is not the place for narrow-minded MDA extremists, for old-fashioned grammar engineers, for graph-only transformationists, or anyone who already knows that AOP is the Holy Grail. Instead, GTTSE is for all of us who like to explore the many different forms of software transformation and generation (and languages underneath).

We had a terrific first edition of this school in 2005 with an exceptional assembly of speakers (Don Batory, Ira Baxter, Jean Bezivin, Shigeru Chiba, Jean-Luc Hainaut , Zhenjiang Hu, Erik Meijer and Tom Mens). Check out what Dr. Dobb's Journal had to say about GTTSE 2005. To get an idea, have a look at the LNCS volume for GTTSE 2005. We thought it may be hard to live up this expectation …

… but look who is giving tutorials this year: Krzysztof Czarnecki (widely known for his book on generative programming), Jean-Marie Favre (of fame due to his discoveries of correspondences between Egyptology and model-driven language engineering), Stan Jarzabek (the man behind XVCL – the premier approach to configuration of software variants), Oege de Moor (co-author of “Algebra of Programming”, leader of the abc team), José Nuno Oliveira (the leading expert in point-free style and data refinement), Markus Pueschel (a leader in the emerging area of automatic performance tuning; cf. cf. SPIRAL), Walid Taha (widely recognized as the leading expert on semantics and typing of staged computation and multi-staged languages), Eelco Visser (the principal designer and developer of SDF2, Stratego and other such seminal technology).

On top of this we are going to have a few additional technology presentations (just as we had in 2005), this part of the program is still in flux. (We appreciate proposals over the next few weeks, as we are nailing down that part; please contact me at Furthermore, we again set up a participant’s workshop in the middle of the week so that juniors can benefit from all the senior brains in one place. 6 participants could publish their post-school paper in the proceedings last time. We hope this works out again, this time.

Important safety/logistics information for participants: Bring a bathing suit, the 4star hotel has a swimming pool next to the lecture room, but participants are thrown into the water regardless of dressing, at times. This happens especially in the evenings when we are having long dinners with the seniors and juniors mixed up in conversations. Leave your wallet at home because the registration fee is sort of inclusive (600 Euro for the full week). There is probably some chance to spend a little money during extra excursions. It is however disappointing (for someone living in the US anyhow) how little you are asked to pay in relation to how great the cuisine is over there, and they don’t even want you to over-tip them. Be careful otherwise; see what I gathered there last time, very much to my enjoyment. (Yes, it is true I am going to bring all my 3 girls this time.)



·         Call for participation.

·         Web site of the school (including application/registration).

·         Dr. Dobb's entry for the last edition.

·         LNCS volume for the last edition (ready for use in graduate courses).

Hoping to meet new and old transformation/generation geeks in Braga later this year.

Ralf Lämmel