Microsoft code name "Oslo" -- New Tutorials for the May CTP

I've spent quite a bit of the past two years working on "Oslo" and find it an amazing challenge to explain to people who aren't database gurus. Have a look -- it's an amazing set of tools to begin developing .NET applications with modeling techniques that don't make much sense if you haven't been interested in data modeling or advanced reusable libraries and so on. One thing we've done on the "Oslo" documentation team is to put together two main tutorials that you should know about, but which might be hard to find.

First, the Getting Started with "Oslo" tutorial walks you through a relatively simple -- but very real -- modeled application from start to finish.

Second, we didn't want anyone getting stalled out working with "Oslo" simply because we didn't give examples using your favorite data access technique. So we put together examples of four data access technologies that all access the model data inside SQL Server 2008. They are here

Hope they help, and we'll be adding more documentation soon. Feel free to bother me here or make any request in the forum.