OK, this is dumb, but this Bing thing is really great.

Strangely enough, although I love the company I work for, I'm not interested in technologies that we put out that aren't really the best. Often, we end up making them the best through iterations, and that's wonderful. Sometimes we don't, and we have great competition in the world, and that benefits us and everyone. Anyway, I don't typically deal with too much hype, but it is **really** exciting to use bing.com as a search and discover that it works great. I mean, really great. By far the best results for the work and personal things I do than the competitor that I typically use. I'm very happy about this; it's a hard field to make progress in, and we've finally begun to do it.

 At least, at first glance. It'll be interesting to me to see whether it can keep up the good work as I start to use it more heavily.