How to configure NPIV to use SAN Deployment with SCVMM?

As SCVMM does support NPIV virtualization (N_Port ID) on Fibre Channel SAN environments here are some useful documents around this technology. NPIV uses Host Bus Adapter (HBA) technology, which creates virtual HBA ports on hosts by abstracting the underlying physical port. This support enables a single physical Fibre Channel HBA port to function as multiple logical ports, each with its own identity. Each virtual machine can then attach to its own virtual HBA port and be independently zoned to a distinct and dedicated World Wide Port Name (WWPN). For more information about NPIV and HBA technology, refer to the documentation of your HBA vendor.

How to Configure NPIV in a Microsoft Hyper-V Environment

“…Designed for Windows System Administrators and Storage Administrators, this document provides guidelines for configuring Microsoft Hyper-V using N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) with a Brocade Host Bus Adapter (HBA)….”

Fibre Channel NPIV Storage Networking for Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and System Center VMM2008 R2 – Usage Scenarios and Best Practices SVR-T320 NPIV SAN Integration And Microsoft Virtualization Virtualization Partners | Microsoft Virtualization Fibre Channel NPIV Deployment on SCVMM 2007 and - NPIV Deployment Configuring a SAN Environment for VMM

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