Automating SharePoint 2010 Install on Windows 7

Couple of weeks ago I was tasked with helping the infrastructure team at my current client to build out 20 some Virtual Development Images (VDI’s) for SharePoint 2010 Development both for onshore/offshore team. Installing SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 is not quite straight forward as installing on Server based OS, So I scripted out to make it easy for our Infra team. You can find the PowerShell script at Script repository on TechNet site.

When you run the script It will prompt to enter directory path where it can find the “OfficeServer.exe” file and a Product Key for SharePoint. Script is based on MSDN article “Setting up a the development environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7”. I want to re-emphasize that this script should only be used when you are setting up your development environment on Windows 7. Currently you do have to do a lot of manual tasks based on the above MSDN article to get it working, hopefully this will reduce time for lot of folks who wants to leverage the Windows 7 development option.

After running the script you do have to run the configuration wizard, one of these days I will add this functionality as well to the script


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