Issue regarding Installing SharePoint 2010 prerequisites from network share


I came across an issue while installing SharePoint 2010 for a customer which prompted this blog post. Like any good SharePoint Pro I only do scripted installs. If you haven’t checked out PowerShell scripts published by SharePoint Product team check out this TechNet article for more info

Any ways now regarding the issue, Customer environment servers have no internet access, by default when you run the prerequisite installer, it will attempt to download all prerequisites from the internet which was not going to work for this scenario as servers don’t have internet access, which means I had to download all prerequisite software on to network share and use an arguments file, TechNet provides a nice article that covers this scenario Now to the problem, I created my answer file by copying from this article and found out that the prerequisite installer tool still tried to download WIF from internet which failed as server did not have internet connection. It turns out the command line switch for WIF when installing on Windows 2008 R2 is IDFXR2 instead of just IDFX. You can see this by running the prerequisite installer tool with /? option. I would hope the above TechNet article would be updated at some point to include this information, in the mean time if you ran into this you know what to do



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Published: 12/12/2011 9:04 PM