Real deal with Quick Links in SharePoint 2010 ?


Quick Links like Site Directory is deprecated, statements like it was overlooked by product team, with out my site there is no quick links are simply not true (unless you are one of those folks that call my sites and user profiles the same thing). Quick Links only exists in SharePoint 2010 for backwards compatibility purpose it’s removed from the UI and you should only turn it on in upgrade scenarios where you upgraded 2007 profiles to 2010.

You should migrate your quick links to tags, migrating quick links to tags is largely manual, each user needs to navigate to MyQuickLinks.aspx (full URL would be {URL of My Site Host}/_layouts/MyQuickLinks.aspx) and click on “Create Tag from Link” option to migrate the quick links to tags

Documented clearly here by the end user content team

and here

Laura Rogers documented a solution to turn on quick links here I would caution that you only do this as a temporary solution, give the users a timeframe to migrate their quick links and turn off once the timeframe expires. How long you will enable the functionality will be totally up to you

Next time somebody asks you what happened to my links hope you know what to tell them Smile



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Published: 8/1/2011 2:38 PM