Setting up remote access in HP Mediasmart HOME Server

Over the weekend I was busy setting up my HP Mediasmart Home Server. I have to say I'm extremely happy with my decision to purchase the product. My topĀ 4 reasons for purchasing this product

  • Centralized storage solution (Easy to upgrade)
  • Share Music, Videos, Files between friends and family
  • Backup/Recover all computers in your network
  • Remote connectivity to computers within your network.

Additionally you can't really go wrong with a $200 rebate for MS employees, that brought the price down to $330.

I had some issues with remote access. I was getting lots of alerts on "Configuring port forwarding failed". I have a really old router and figured had compatibility issues with HOME Server. This post helped me a great deal. I ended up unconfiguring the router from homeserver console and manually setting up port forwarding using router admin site. Also assigned static IP to HOME Server and added the IP Address to reserved IP address list. Check out this post that covers different options to assign static IP for your HOME Server.

If you are looking for a tool to check open portsĀ check out this one