Azure Automation in Azure Government


If you have been following closely, you would have realized Azure Automation is now available for Azure GOV. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you are trying to run your first automation script with Azure GOV. I’m going to be outlining the steps below:


Step 1 -  Create a certificate with makecert (or you could use IIS too)



Step 2 – Install the certificate in the CurrentUser’s Personal Certificate Store



Step 3 – Upload this certificate in the management certificate section of the Azure Subscription (the .CER file )



Step 4 – Now export the certificate from the personal store using a password and save it to a .PFX file








Step 5 – Now add the .PFX file as an asset onto Azure Automation







Step 6 – Create variables for ‘SubscriptionName’ and ‘SubscriptionID’

Step 7 – Create a Runbook under Automation and enter the following to establish a connection and get started. The ones that we need to explicitly add for the Azure Government are highlighted below


workflow AnandTestRunbook



Add-AzureEnvironment -name “AzureGovernment” -serviceendpoint


$subscriptionID = Get-AutomationVariable -Name 'SubscriptionID'


$subscriptionname = Get-AutomationVariable -Name 'SubscriptionName'


$certificate = Get-AutomationCertificate -Name 'AnandAzureAutomationCertificate'


Set-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName $subscriptionName -SubscriptionId $subscriptionID -Certificate $certificate -Environment "AzureGovernment" 


Select-AzureSubscription -name $subscriptionname





Step 8 – From here on you are good to go, you should be able to use it how you would normally use an Azure Automation script


Good luck and Happy Automating!!