MOSS Developer Portal on MSDN Updated

Hello folks.

We just published a major update to the MOSS Developer portal on MSDN, which you can access easily by typing

MOSS Developer Portal

In addition to putting some useful links on the home page to highlight recently published or "Top" articles, we extended the scope of what we call Information Centers. Information Centers are pages full of resources and "Getting Started" information for folks who want to dig deeper into MOSS.  Our goal is to create the most useful and reliable lists of resources for developers that can be referenced repeatedly and bookmarked for use in the future.  Our current pages include:

We also updated the following pages to reflect newly published content:

We intend to add more Information Centers in the coming months; please let us know if you have any suggestions.  The next two pages on our list of priorities are Enterprise Search and Workflow.

Let us know how we're doing, and keep checking back each month for updates to the MOSS Developer Portal.