SharePoint 2010 (Beta) Developer Center is now live!

Hello SharePoint Developers!

Along with the many announcements today at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I also wanted to follow with a big announcement for SharePoint developers:

The SharePoint 2010 (Beta) Developer Center is now LIVE on MSDN!

Included in the launch of the SharePoint Developer Center is a Getting Started subsite + 2 essential Resource Centers:

Upgrade Resource Center

Start planning for your upgrade to SharePoint 2010 today! The public Beta will be available in November, 2009. Stay tuned to this blog for more information...

Community Resource Center

Including the all-new SharePoint 2010 general forum. There will be a developer-focused forum closer to the public Beta of SharePoint 2010.

Getting Started Developing on SharePoint 2010

This subsite contains 10 Modules, targeted toward .Net developers new to SharePoint, for working with the following development platform features in SharePoint 2010:

Module 1: Getting Started Building Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Module 2: What Developers Need to Know About SharePoint 2010

Module 3: Building Blocks for Web Part Development in SharePoint 2010

Module 4: Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with Server-Side APIs

Module 5: Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with Client-Side APIs

Module 6: Accessing External Data with Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010

Module 7: Developing Business Processes with SharePoint 2010 Workflows

Module 8: Creating Silverlight User Interfaces for SharePoint 2010 Solutions

Module 9: Sandboxed Solutions for Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Module 10: Creating Dialogs and Ribbon Controls for SharePoint 2010

See Also

We've got so much more content planned for you in the Beta timeframe, so please stay tuned! Keep sending us feedback--we are listening and responding to your requests!