Easiest way to use Smooth Streaming on the client

One of the things I’ve found with Smooth Streaming is that people have no idea how to create a Silverlight application and run that on their web server. One of the easiest ways for most people is going to be to use the Silverlight Media Framework from http://smf.codeplex.com/. All you have to do is go to the Downloads page and download the ‘Microsoft SMFv2 – Smooth Streaming HTML template’. The zip file contains the readme doc, the Silverlight .xap, and the HTML page. The readme gives you instructions on what to modify in the HTML page, but it’s just the line:


<param name="InitParams" value=" mediaurl=http://streams.smooth.vertigo.com/elephantsdream/Elephants_Dream_1024-h264-st-aac.ism/manifest" />


Change this to your .ism or .isml and leave the /manifest on the end and you’re done.