Exchange Server 2007 integration with Project Server 2010

I've noticed that sometimes Exchange Server 2007 integration doesn't integrate seamless as followed on the following technet article: This could be related to the AD - Exchange Server 2007 integration at the AD level, as sometimes users don't get recognized and you must use the AD display name or FQDN name.

Here are some things you should take care of during your Exchange 2007 - Project Server 2010 integration:

  • Added the Cas servers as Project Users in the following format : domain\casServerName$
  • Follow the article step by step
  • Add users with the display name if it doesnt work else
  • Import SSL Certificate on the Project Server
  • Put the checkbox to receive mail updates under manage users for the Project Server User.
  • Under Server settings-Operational Policies - Alerts and Reminders - Add your Exchange Server
  • Grant Administrator permissions to the Application Pool account on the Exchangeserver
  • Impersonate the Project Server account (service account on which our Project Server Queue Job is running) on the Exchange Server

Add-ADPermission-Identity (get-exchangeserver).DistinguishedName -User (Get-User -Identity Ex2007 ¦ select-object).identity -AccessRights GenericAll -InheritanceTypeDescendents

Add-ADPermission-Identity (get-exchangeserver).DistinguishedName - User (Get-User -IdentityEx2007 ¦ select-object).identity -ExtendedRight ms-Exch-EPI-Impersonation

Add-ADPermission-Identity (get-exchangeserver).DistinguishedName - User (Get-User -IdentityEx2007 ¦ select-object).identity -ExtendedRight ms-Exch-EPI-May-Impersonate

Add-ADPermission-Identity (get-exchangeserver).DistinguishedName - User (Get-User -IdentityEx2007 ¦ select-object).identity -ExtendedRights Send-As

Add-ADPermission-Identity (get-exchangeserver).DistinguishedName - User (Get-User -IdentityEx2007 ¦ select-object).identity -ExtendedRights Receive-As

Add Project User impersonation: