Internet Explorer 8 is Final

Internet Explorer 8 Final Available Now. Here is an important snippet for me:

Anyone running Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server can get 32- and 64-bit versions now from . (Windows 7 users will receive an updated IE8 as part of the next Windows 7 milestone.)

I’m running Windows 7 on 2 machines, Vista 32-bit on 1 machine, and Vista 64-bit on 1 machine. I’m not even counting the VMs that I have.

Speaking of browsers…the one feature I really like on Chrome is the ability to “tear” a tab, part of the dynamic tabs feature,  to create a new window. I’ve been looking for this for a while – going back when I was using the Avant Browser before IE had tabbed browsing.

Skipping the browser stats for a while, I’m a little annoyed that I now have 3 browsers installed on one machine. I would never tolerate 3 Word Processors, or 3 spreadsheet apps – but somehow 3 browsers is ok. And to be quite honest…if you ignore the window chrome (pun intended) I really can’t tell the difference between them. For that matter, I have 3 browsers installed on my phone…that’s out of control! But then again…disk space is cheap.