Microsoft Surface...more for my wishlist

They announced Microsoft Surface. MS Research has shown videos and demos of early versions of this and it almost always got a WOW from the audience.

One of the television shows I can get sucked into very easily was a National Geographic documentary on the building of the USS Ronald Reagan. The Navy has tried to convert the flight deck control to a computer based system, but nothing was as flexible and explicit as the "gameboard" they use (I beleive the Navy called it the Ouiji board) - basically a model of the flight deck with little toy planes and equipment. A computer screen based approach had problems (I'm guessing) for several reasons related to the collaborative nature of everything that happens on the flight deck and the "obviousness" of the model vs. computer/2d view.

I wonder if Surface makes it more realistic...or if the Navy has spent a gazillion dollars on something other than a gameboard.