Hello from ARMA / Hey, where did you go?

I owe everyone an apology… Getting ready for the ARMA International conference this week (I’m writing this post in the Expo hall here in San Antonio) and working through the last few weeks of getting the 2007 Office system ready to release didn’t leave me with enough time to keep this blog as “fresh” as we’d all like.

Please don’t take this to mean that we’re done introducing our Records Management capabilities in Exchange & Office 2007– far from it. In the next few posts we’ll start talking about e-mail records management (a huge problem space for so many organizations today), our efforts around getting Office SharePoint Server 2007 certified for the Department of Defense’s 5015.2 standard, and much more.

And this coming week alone there will be several items on this blog, including the announcement of a new collaboration with a major records management solution provider that we’ll be unveiling at ARMA.

So please stay tuned!

- Ethan Gur-esh, Program Manager.