colaboração genial com colaab e... deep zoom

colaab - Silverlight DeepZoom Integration from storm ideas on Vimeo.

faz algum tempo eu bloguei aqui mesmo sobre o colaab, um ambiente colaborativo online super interessante.    hoje recebi um email do time do colaab me agradecendo pelo post... e anunciando essa belíssima novidade, o uso de Deep Zoom para colaborar em imagens enormes:

Dear Rene,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for covering colaab in your blog post "gênio! colaab usando Live Mesh pra colaboração em tempo real" in January. I really enjoyed reading over someone else's viewpoint and the feedback, traffic and sign ups we get from this type of coverage is very important indeed.

Since then, we’ve added some key features that truly set us apart from the rest of the field; and one which I’m really excited to announce to you is the integration of Silverlight DeepZoom into colaab.

What this means is that users can review and collaborate on extremely large images without having to wait for them to download – when working with these images they can comment, annotate, pan and zoom without losing quality and without the wait!

bárbaro, não?  assista ao vídeo e teste o produto  ;)

colaab – View large images instantly with DeepZoom integration