opa, atualizaram o Deep Zoom Composer de novo!

dêem uma olhada: agora a integração com o PhotoZoom (ambiente gratuito pra publicar Deep Zoom) está funcionando direitinho  :)

Deep Zoom Composer Updated (Again!)

To address many of the issues you all had with the PhotoZoom functionality, we have released an updated preview version of Deep Zoom Composer. You can download the updated version from the following link:

Download Deep Zoom Composer

Be sure to uninstall your current version of Deep Zoom Composer before attempting to install the latest version. The issues we fixed revolve around making the log-in screen more clear and ensuring uploads do not time out.

More specifically, you need to create an account on PhotoZoom prior to being able to upload via Deep Zoom Composer. The PhotoZoom Export tab now makes that step explicitly clear:


Expression Blend and Design : Deep Zoom Composer Updated (Again!)