Smooth Streaming no iPhone: perguntas e respostas

se você tiver um iPhone (ou se alguém por perto tiver) acesse essa URL e pasme:  :)

quer entender como funciona? agora temos um belo FAQ pra você, com perguntas e respostas do tipo:

Q: Do I need to encode new video content twice?
A: No. After you publish video content created in the IIS Smooth Streaming format, IIS Media Services takes care of any format conversions necessary to target both the Apple iPhone and clients that are able to directly consume the IIS Smooth Streaming Transport Protocol, such as Microsoft Silverlight.

Q: Do I need to re-encode my existing Smooth Streaming content?
A: No. IIS Media Services 4 will use existing IIS Smooth Streaming content (for example, content created with Expression Encoder 2 SP1 or Expression Encoder 3) and deliver it in a format optimized for the Apple iPhone.


veja o FAQ completo aqui: FAQs on using IIS Smooth Streaming with the Apple iPhone : Chris Knowlton's Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site