BEK or Meh? Automata-theoretic techniques, ooooh this will get the hits!

You are walking down the street and suddenly have a thought about Automata-theoretic techniques.  Usually I just go home and take my medication that I forgot to take earlier in the day.  But today, it turned out that I was at home and had taken my meds.  So all was good.  Still got that thought.

What is Automata-theoretic techniques and why should you or even I care.  Well I care because it what I am blogging about, now I need to make you care or you will have a poor experience on my blog.

Let’s say you create a Cloud based software system in the year 2012, and you keep working on it for the next few years, then you get a different job.  Well, your employer likely wants to keep the gold mine going, so they bring in other programmers who create programs that generate strings (for example).  This happens, so a function written by two programmers might be applied to the same input, will this yield the same results or different results.  Seems like from common sense that should be the case, but can you prove it?  Using BEK you can.

In this simple example of the BEK code to test an algorithm you are able to test to see if two processes to generate a string works and then you can display the graph for the function.  This is cool if you can figure out how to use it to your computer algorithm class homework.  As a professor it might be the learning experience I am looking for, but if I am a hiring manager I would be impressed by your ability to use tools.  If you are a student I would definitely use the BEK and show it off on your professional blog or professional facebook page.

Read through the tutorial at Bek – guide and this should work all systems, Apple, linux, and Windows.