Glee: Drawing Graphs

Glee, a hit television show or a tool for extreme programmers?  Could it be both?  Well on 5/17/2011, it’s both.  In the future, maybe not.

What is a graph?

It is a diagram that shows communication or information flow that is based on the Sugiyama scheme; it produces so called layered, or hierarchical layouts. This kind of a layout naturally applies to graphs with some flow of information. This is usually used in software engineering, but it can used in governmental organizations, communication systems, but generally if you can’t automate the updating, you get a nice snapshot of the communications process, but it gets stale quickly.


Glee is a type of graphing.  In Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate you can experiment with a special class of graphs by using the dependency graphs. You can find out more about Dependency Graphs at:

Oh this is out of control and I will need to demo this feature a little more deeply than this brief write up.

And thank you for reading this, it is a difficult subject, and your reading this blog probably doubled the number of views.