Global Warming, Climate Change or ClimateGate comes home to roost

That’s right, it comes to your house to roost.  Finally you bomb your bombastic loud mouth neighbor with real climate data that you can include in your silverlight web browser or .NET application (I assume this also means Win8 MetroRT app). 

So if your neighbor views you as the Rush Ditto Head and your neighbor is a Mather Blather, or vice a versa, you both can blast each other with real data!  Just the thing for those over the fence discussions that used to devolve into the attack of the potato blasters and pumpkin chunkers, now can be peacefully resolved using .NET, Silverlight or MetroRT!

Here is the link:

You know the rules, download the video and then use Windows Media Player to speed up the discussion.  Or view the video below.

I haven’t checked out the code download I just watched the video, but I think I am going to use this for a  MetroRT demo!  And a Windows Phone Demo!

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