Learning how to test your latest game or software project

Oh this is going to get a lot of views. So thank you for reading this post about software test.

Have you ever ask this question:

How do I:

  • Set-up data collection in Microsoft Test Manager 2010?
  • Create an empty test case to run an exploratory test?
  • File an exploratory bug?
  • Create a manual test case from an exploratory bug?

You can learn how to do these kinds of software test by working through the virtual hands on lab at:

Be patient the Hyper-V can be a little slow, like 5 minutes slow with some network connections, like a school or corporate network. Once it is running, you may want to use a second monitor to view the lab instructions or print it out. You can extend your lab by one hour.

If you use the virtual lab, let me know about your experience.