Need tools to search video or audio for specific phrases or words?

Some the more boring work courts and police agencies have to do is listening to audio from surveillance, or getting transcripts for use by people who can’t hear.

An interesting new voice recognition is called Mavis and more can be found at (and Larry, take a look this would be good for your VIP software business):

To test the Mavis tool:

Note: The tool is in test phase so the search may show an error, just refresh browser and it should work

This new technology is designed to search thousands of videos and audios quickly.



  • Note:
    • If you are an inventor or student, please keep in mind, people who can’t hear, can read, in many of the student contests that I have judged students get that confused. 
    • How do I know? My father was deaf due to wartime noises and he could read just fine.