Research: Singularity OS, take a look

In control systems, singularities are interesting points where the system might break down.  In the movie Apollo 13 they kept talking about gimbals lock, which would occur if their spinning gyroscopes moved into certain angles they would lock up and then the information from them would not be useful. image

In Astrophysics, black holes are considered to be gravitational end points or singularities. 

At Microsoft Research, the future of Operating Systems may be in the Singularity OS, you can find it on the Singularity Codeplex site.  It is BIG download, not sure why they don’t have a download manager in the downloads, you certainly could use one.

If you want to contribute to the research of Singularity OS, Microsoft may grant you developer permissions.  If you are going to download it, you might want to consider using one of the free download mangers (Microsoft’s download manager only works with Microsoft Operation Manger system).  I am experimenting with the FDM from, all you do is install it (make sure to read those checkboxes!) and it will pick up that you are doing a download and manage it.  To download singularity, you will definitely need to use a download manager, and you will need a large hard drive as the image is 56822K in size.

Looks like fun if you are into operating systems.