Somewhere to show you how to get started creating your Sensor Touch

It can be difficult to get started, and fortunately there is a web page that you can use to start experimenting with an accessible web page.  You will have to use the View Source to check out the code, on IE7 you would use the Page button and then select the "View Source" you will see the HTML.  It is a bunch of code, but if you are able to work with javascript and HTML, then this will be a great way to start experimenting with building your own IM graphical user interface (GUI).  Think about it, you could create a device that people who can't see or hear could use to communicate with people on the Internet!  All of this from an idea from Microsoft External Research.

To utilize the example code (this will just work with the Instant Messager, not the nudge), navigate to:

You will need two Live IDs, one to send and one to receive.image

Well, let's take a look what we need to do in the immediate future:

1. We have a place to experiment with the Live Instant Messager, you will need to have two IMs to be able to use this to start your experimentation.

2. We need to figure out where we can put our code, I think we can use for your web page hosting, but you will need to download and install VS 2008 Visual Web Dev Express, and then install the Popfly explorer. 

3. Follow the instructions at the URL:

Where we are going longer term:

1. We will have to investigate how XNA works, this will gives us easy access to the XBox controller through Windows.

2. Make sure to get an XBox controller, wired for Windows XP, and a cheap way to go for Vista which can use either wired or wireless.  But Wireless is very cool.


Finally, as we move into Labor Day weekend, since I don't have many readers, so please make sure to not drink and drive.  It is really true that buzz driving is drunk driving, and the fines for DUI are very high, in California the fines and court costs can reach $13,000 or more.  Have fun, take chances, but drinking and driving isn't risky it's stupid.  Of course if you live in a city with good public transportation like Boston, New York, Seattle or Philadelphia, lucky you.


Work on this project this weekend, we can hook up our code through the Visual Web Dev 2008 with the Popfly Explorer installed, and that is JUST COOL!