The relation of Mathematics and Physics

The second in the series about Math and Physics.  You want to design games, you got to do the math.  That’s the way it is.

If you don’t want to sit in a seemingly boring physics class then you need to view this series of videos about Math and Physics.  Dr. Feynman is one of the best people to explain modern physics so this video assumes almost no knowledge of physics.image

The Relation of Mathematics and Physics, Feynman simplifies the ideas behind math, physics and even quantum computational theory.  The later, quantum computational theory, is pretty advanced since the video was done in 1963 or so.  Feynman first came up with the concept of quantum computational theory in 1944 during his work on the Manhattan Project.  Like so many fundamental thinkers (versus fundamentalists), when you hear the concept from a person who thought of it first, the concept is easily understood.

People think that going to the fundamental thinkers that they will explain the idea in a complicated way.  But if you think about it, they have to be good a explaining their ideas in a simple manner.

Dr. Feynman is very good at that.  If you are doing games, keep in mind, the Physic equations have been written.