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As I mentioned in my post couple days ago that I am doing some web application performance evaluation recently and found couple tools to use for getting perfomance data. Recently had found that actually there is one of perfomance bottlenecks that's due to huge ASP.NET ViewState content transmission during page requests (POST request) and responses, which cause big size result HTML and rendering time, not to mention the network traffics for delivering the contents. In order to find out what is contained in ViewState to target objects for code modification, it's necessary to have a ViewState decoder to help the work.

By digging the internet, some good tools were already there.  just make a list for reference here.

Articles to read:

Decoding Tools:

ViewStateAnalyzer 2.0.0 will not install on Windows Vista. Binary Fortress Software's stuffs just out couple days ago which is free and pretty easy to use (can run on Vista). the standalone version ASP.NET ViewState Helper can decode ViewState also have a ViewState tree for reference, while the Fiddler 2 extension version only decode the ViewState in the Session Inspector window and didn't parse the ViewState to tree. Since all my data is captured using Fiddler, the Fiddler 2 extension did a good job for me to have an integrated place to analyze data.

Although the ViewState content I am invesgating can not be parse / decode by those tools (been encrypted / compressed / etc) and I am still tracing the source code, those are pretty much of what I found on this ViewState topic. FYI.

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