UAC in MSI Notes: Introduction

As Windows Installer feature PM, one of my responsibilities was to work on the Windows Installer's User Account Control support.  Over the last year, I've collected a bunch of notes on stuff people ask me about but did not fit neatly into our SDK.  Despite my best intentions, I've been unable to make the time to get these formally published.

Given the delay, I've reached a couple of inflection points

  1. I'm repeatedly typing in email (in my own voice) what I've not formally published (in the team voice).
  2. Folks I've talked about wanting to get this published are asking: did I miss it? and can I pass this around?
  3. The list of notes is lengthening as the further nuances are coming forward.

Given the last 24 hours, I've had the above happen to me a half dozen times.  After observing this with my manager, we worked out it would be valuable to just get the notes out there.  The caveat here (in my blog) is that these notes are just me talking, not an official position from the Windows Installer team.  For those of you that haven't lived this gap before, the difference is that there is not concensus or multi-discipline validation on what I'm saying.

It's the best I have right now but buyer beware.