VSO Sprints: Introducing Improvements in Kanban, tests and pull request in VSTS

Hello guys,

I'm going to start a series of posts to introduce you the VSO Sprints, a YouTube/Channel 9 channel that I and the ALM MVP Vinicius Moura created to help you understand each new and already existing feature of Visual Studio Team Services.

I'll start with retroactive posts and then we'll follow the channel's launch of new videos and, automatically, the VSTS Features Timeline.

This post introduces you the news from the Sprint 88 of the VSTS Team. The idea is to bring you an embed video of each feature to make it easy to reach only what's most important to you. In this release, we got these new features:

  • Inline tasks on the Kanban board

    • Now you can plan the tasks of a Backlog Item directly in the Kanban board. Easy and dynamic, keep the Kanban view while planning your Sprint.
  • Query and display of Kanban fields

    • Remember that new columns you could add to the Kanban View? Right, now you can query over them.
  • Multi-select items on the backlog

    • If you want to perform actions in multiple items of your backlog, just select all of them and do it!
  • Branch policy to require linked work items

    • Yep. Now you can configure this policy for branches in Pull Request of a Git repository.
  • Export test outcomes

    • There were already some stuff you could export from tests in VSTS. You can now export the Test Outcomes either, which allows you to have more information about the test execution. Take a look.
  • Work item trend and rollup reporting in Power BI

    • Great! The integration between VSTS and the Power BI is now live for Work Item reports.
  • Support for publishing xUnit results

    • One more testing framework you can use in your builds and export the test results using the Publish Test Results task: xUnit!

If you want to watch the entire video, here is the thing:

Enjoy it! :-)