VSTS Sprints: Dashboards, improved pull requests, test results and more; The new Channel Name!

Hi all,

We're back with the retrospective of earlier editions of the former VSO Sprints, which is now named VSTS Sprints.

Why did we change the name?

Well, as you all know, the product recently had its name changed from VSO (Visual Studio Online) to VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) . At first, we thought that keeping the name would be better as the channel had already created an identity with the older name. But we've got feedbacks from some very important people (thanks to Buck Hodges for the awesome feedback) and we finally decided to update the name, mainly to follow the product's tendencies.

So now, you may hear about the channel as VSTS Sprints. Tell us what are your thoughts about the new name :-)

The Sprint 90

This sprint had some great news. Dashboards was one of the features with more impact because it really changed the characteristic of the product. With Dashboards, you may have a great tool to have Visual Management and, by consequence, tools to have faster decisions.

Let's slice the video as, at that time, we were with the old concept of having a single video with all the features. From the Sprint 93, we started publishing separated videos for each feature and we're grouping them into playlists. This makes it easier to search and find the exact video for what you want and, of course, makes it more pleasant to watch.


Improved pull request experience

Manual test iteration results

Retention policy for test results

Reorder and re-parent tasks from the Kanban board

Extensibility on the work item form

PREVIEW: Updates to the new work item form

That's all for Sprint 90! If you want to be always up to date with what's new on Visual Studio Team Services, follow us on Facebook and YouTube!

See you on next sprint!