My name is Richard Crane.  I work for the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Waltham, MA (Boston Area).  Our job is to help customers architect solutions on the Microsoft server platform.  My primary focus is on Visual Studio.NET and SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

I also help customers test their applications for performance and scalability.  We have a really nice lab facility thanks to our partner resources that allows us to construct very complex environments.  Customers are able to prove out their solutions in a variety of different configurations.  Some of partners include Unisys, HP, Dell, Compuware, Veritas, Intel, APC, and more.  We have everything from 2-way Dell and HP servers 2.8GHz Xeons to 16-way Unisys 64-bit ES7000 and 32-way HP 64-bit Superdome.

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