BizTalk Beta2 MOM Pack Available, and Beta2 Install Experience

Looks like the BizTalk Beta2 MOM Pack is available on BetaPlace. Good stuff for you MOM folks out there.

So I got the BizTalk Server Beta 2 installed last night, and for the most part, went off pretty well. I first tried to simply uninstall
BizTalk Server 2006 Community Tech Preview and the supporting applications (ODBA, MMC 3.0 RC0), and keep all the databases. Did the install of
Beta2 (plus prereqs like MMC 3.0 RC1), got no problems, but after finishing configuration steps, I had all kinds of messages in the Event Log about "SSO can't find application"
and other sorts of beat messages. So, thanks to Virtual PC Undo Disks, I just discarded changes and started over. This time, I removed all old BizTalk bits
and databases. Before doing that, however, I exported all the bindings and rules via the great new Admin Console. Nice way to throw all key
bits to a file prior to blowing the configuration databases away. Installed on the clean machine, set up databases, and I was up and running
with all the scenarios that previously worked on the Tech Preview. Just imported the bindings I had exported from the Tech Preview, and all my
ports and rules were back in business. Also, got all the new adapters installed, and am currently enjoying the beefed up
documentation that's included with BizTalk Beta2.