Getting rolling ...

Greetings. I expect to use this space to discuss best practices, tips, code, product roadmaps and more around BizTalk Server, HIS, and Commerce Server.


I've been working with BizTalk Server since the beta of BizTalk Server 2000 nearly five years ago when Avanade was just getting started. I joined Microsoft as a Technology Specialist fairly recently, and considered blogging right away, but kept putting it off. However, I've recently been inspired again by Marty Waz and Owen Allen and decided to put material out that will hopefully be somewhat useful to my customers, partners and the general BPI development community.


Over the last few weeks, Marty and I tried to break the spirits of 30 customers and 60 partners with some pretty hard core week-long BizTalk training. Most everyone came out alive, and my house has only be egged twice since. It's exciting to spread the integration message throughout our district and get folks to see that BizTalk is actually an enterprise-ready platform.


There are some great BPI opportunities here in Southern California and each of the BPI products will be experiencing a version refresh very soon. All in all, a wild time to be doing BPI work.