Leaving Microsoft ...

Next Thursday, 1/11/07 will be my last day at Microsoft. I've decided to take an "Architect" position with one of my customers in the Los Angeles area. It was a tough choice to leave my great colleagues and customers, but I'm fairly jazzed about the new opportunities I now have.

So, much like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, this particular blog will be frozen. Next week it will get locked from any future usage. My new employer has indicated support for my blogging habit, so, I've set up a new blog at http://seroter.wordpress.com. I plan on continuing to do the same things on that blog that I do on the current one. So, look out for more code snippets, walkthroughs, demos, reviews, pointers to cool resources and more. I just posted an article on the new BizTalk blog about "considerations for resuming suspended orchestrations". Thrilling stuff.

I've really appreciated all the great feedback and questions resulting from the 160+ posts on this blog, and hope you'll continue participating in the new one.

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