Necessary Indigo IIS Extension Mapping

I've been spending some free time getting back up to speed on Indigo because (a) it is quite interesting, and (b) has big implications for BPI solutions moving forward. I've added a VS.NET 2005/Indigo machine to my BizTalk farm and want to see how I can get the BizTalk Servers to play nicely with it.

However, sometimes I have serious brain cramps while setting things up, and today is no exception. Wasted like 10 minutes figuring out why my Indigo *.svc file wouldn't get processed by IIS. I then realized that the *.svc extension probably wasn't mapped within IIS. I had assumed that the Indigo install would have done that for me. Luckily I found this article (see Host the Web Service in IIS section) which reminded me of the steps necessary to get things back on track.