Screenshots Of New BizTalk Server 2006 Components

Ok, as promised, here's a quick screenshot look at some of the BizTalk Server 2006 improvements that should catch your eye.

Figure 1 When you open up a BizTalk project in Visual Studio, the "Add Items" menu has changed a bit, and includes the new flat file wizard. This is a gift from heaven for those of you who have night terrors about monstrous delimited files.

Figure 2 Check out the new receive/send port adapter properties when you get the chance. Notice here that the FILE transport now has a Browse button. I think I actually rubbed my hands together and said "Exxxxxcellent" when I saw this. Some other great tweaks you can now make are visible here.

Figure 3 How do you not love the new Administration Manager? Here I can get an instant look at my machine and what's happening from a processing perspective. Just great stuff.

Figure 4 When viewing orchestration properties, you now control tracking as well as binding from one place. Very nice. No more digging through HAT to set tracking on an orchestration.

Figure 5 Since we now have an Application concept in BizTalk Server 2006, you can tie together all key resources that relate to a BizTalk application. This means that all the schemas, maps, pipelines, RULES, ports and so forth are logically grouped. As you see here, you can add any sort of resource to a BizTalk application for grouping. What's that, the gentle sobbing of joy I hear?

Figure 6 Mmmmmm, simplified deployment. Here I write click an Application and create an MSI package that contains ALL the resources needed for the destination machine. I think I just giggled out loud.

Figure 7 We've also added a friendly UI to the administration of Single Sign On. I have an SSO post queued up for this site, but needless to say, SSO is very cool stuff, and a non-DOS UI goes a long way to making this a bit easier to manage and use.

Figure 8 Here's the SSO Client UI that allows for the association of users with Affiliate Applications. Again, bit easier now to have a real UI instead of only a command line tool.

There you go. A quick first look. There have been great Business Activity Monitoring changes as well which warrant a dedicated post. More to come on that.