GUI Interface for USMT

Dan Cunningham has written a GUI wrapper for the User State Migration Tool (USMT) In Dan's interface, USMT provides the logic and mechanisms for the actual capture / restore process, but because USMT is entirely command-line, Dan decided to set about creating a .NET-based wrapper for it to simplify data capture/restore.

Here’s some of the nice features in Workstation Migration Assistant:

  • Migrate via a pre-defined network storage location, external USB drive, or user-specified location. USB drive detection is automatic
  • Optional Hard Disk Health Check will run a CHKDSK prior to capture and fix errors if any are found
  • Optional Encryption using a pre-defined company encryption key, or per-user customised encryption (for highly sensitive data that can’t be stored on a server without being encrypted)
  • Use different configurations for a multi-OS, XP > XP and Vista > Vista migrations (useful when on XP to force the /TargetXP switch, and if you’re Vista migration can exclude XP-only obsolete files)
  • Automatically run pre and post capture/restore scripts (very useful to further configure machine settings)
  • Migrate domain only accounts, or domain and local
  • Automatically exclude certain domain or local accounts from the migration
  • Automatically send log files to an e-mail address via SMTP after the migration
  • On-screen status during every stage of the migration, including ETA
  • Option to limit migrations to a certain size, i.e. if over 20GB of data to backup, then fail and inform user.
  • Very configurable through configuration file
  • Command-line automation

Dan is hoping to release the tool soon - so keep checking for updates