Finding My Voice Again

Wow.  What a stretch.  We shipped the bits for Office 2008 off to manufacturing back in December, and that very day I was still in the office until 10:00 that night doing some prep work for the next release of Office.  Having been head down in Office 2008 for so long and so hard, to just flip the switch from ship-mode to down time would have been like jamming the car into reverse while driving at highway speed.

Mac Office 2008 has been my 8th major release since I started working here, and this release is the first time I haven't been able to flip that switch--the first time I've had to ease my way back out of that intensity that permeates what we generally refer to as "ship-mode."

This has affected my blogging, and I've spent some thinking about the direction to take this blog in the future--an introspective exploration into what I want to say, even to the point of figuring out if I have anything left to say.

I've always been a sporadic blogger.  To a certain extent, that comes with the territory of being a part-time blogger with a job that alternates between periods of high intensity and periods of reflective down time.  But I also find it exceedingly difficult to just sit down and blog about something for the sake of putting a post up on the blog.  I tend to not say anything unless I think something needs to be said.

So, I'm trying to ease my way back into blogging, and I'm looking for things that need to be said.  As I do that, I'll probably not talk all that much about Word or Office.  If I do, those posts will likely end up on Mac Mojo.  This space will get more personal.  There are a few things I have in the pipeline, and I'll get to them as I can.

In the mean time, I'll be down at Mac World next week doing at least a stint or two in the blogger lounge.  Who knows, I might get more of my voice back then.



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