Moss 2007 dispose issues, don't be a the victim

SPDisposeCheck tool officially announced

Last year I leveraged a good friend and coworker (Roger Lamb) to help identify and resolve several issues with the recent release of a MOSS Portal for one of the top 4 accounting firms.   

We were experiencing frequent IIS recycles and OOM's and memory fragmentation.   During our efforts, Roger and Scott Harris pin pointed some of the issues to custom code that where SPSite and SPWeb objects were not being disposed of properly. 

The work that Roger and Scott put into this effort, lead to Roger's great Dispose Patterns by example guidance, a must read for any SharePoint Developer.  Roger took this a step further by leading a team to create the SPDisposeCheck tool.   If you develop any custom code for SharePoint, keeping an eye on Roger's blog and checking out SPDisposeCheck are a must!