TechFair 2006

I just read an interesting story in chapter 4 of the book "Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In", which illustrates why communication and negotiation is so important:

Too often, negotiators end up like the proverbial children who quarreled over an orange. After they finally agreed to divide the orange in half, the first child took one half, ate the fruit, and threw away the peel. The other child took the other half, threw away the fruit, and used the peel in baking a cake. Too many negotiations end up with half an orange for each side instead of the whole fruit for one and the whole peel for the other.

This afternoon was the TechFair 2006, and it was hot! I'm referring to the weather, that is. It was held outdoors in the soccer field and was targeted at interns and new grads, and there were booths from most teams showcasing what they do. The UI Framework team had a booth there too, so I went and said hi. I'm a new grad, but as I'm not looking for a job, I was there mainly for the food, and I wasn't disappointed; there was a buffet of a wide variety of burgers, vegetables, fruits and ice cream.