A brief excerpt from mail to my team today

"I couldn’t possibly list [...] all the crucial changes we made to make [‪#‎MicrosoftEdge‬] possible. Dozens of big initiatives and literally thousands of smaller improvements (and removals!) were needed to get us here. I certainly can’t say that our journey was 100% free of stumbles, because no worthwhile journey is, but I can say that in my 27 years at MS I’ve not seen anything like this combination of challenges: engineering, organizational, and operational. Any reasonable person could look at those challenges and conclude that no group could reasonably be expected to succeed with so many things in flight. But we did it anyway!"

"As the perf guy, it’s my job to tell you every day how bad everything is, that’s pretty much the gig. But today, just this one time, I’m gonna tell you the rest of what I’m thinking – it’s pretty smokin’ guys. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished – I know I am."